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  • Deluxe Shima Kaiseki Meal plan

    Speaking of Ise Shima fresh Japanese Spiny Lobster.
    The scent of the iso spreading in your mouth and the flavor of shrimp.And when you chew it is a plain texture.
    I want to eat another piece of mind unexpectedly, I want to eat it again.Please enjoy it.

    ※Japanese Spiny Lobster “Deluxe Shima Kaiseki Meal plan” with plenty of Japanese Spiny Lobster is from October to the end of April due to fishing reasons. In case
    ※Japanese Spiny Lobster additional order is also available for sashimi of Japanese Spiny Lobster.(From around October to the end of April)
  • Shokuho Kaiseki Meal

    "Shokuho Kaiseki Meal" that our hotel recommends with confidence.
    Please bring out the taste of fresh ingredients and enjoy the many powerful seafood dishes including Japanese Spiny Lobster.
  • Hana Kaiseki Meal

    “Hana Kaiseki Meal” is a seasonal dish made by chefs with local herbs and flowers.
    Please have a good time.
  • BBQ

    It's summer, it's a pool! It's a mountain! After enjoying Toyama, barbecue on the terrace by the sea.
    Happy with family, friends, lover, please have a hot barbecue cooking with charcoal while enjoying it! (The terrace has a tent to escape the rain so even sudden rain is safe!)