【Regarding the abolition of the outdoor pool】
The outdoor pool at this facility will be discontinued in August 2023.
Thank you for using our service for a long time.
Resort Park Tomoyama

【Official】Resort Park Tomoyama

Luxuriously spending 50,000 tsubo natural ... Sunset, hot springs, fresh seafood.Shima's well-known resort where you can enjoy everything.


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Resort Park Tomoyama


2746-37 Funakoshi, Daio Town, Shima City, Mie Prefecture

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15 minutes by taxi from Kintetsu Limited Express Ugata Station

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A large resort spreading over 50 thousand pyeong is a private zone that expresses your trip!

  • Daio Town is known as a “Ekaki no machi” because of the streets of Ishizaka and the nostalgic scene of the lighthouse.

    In particular, Mt Tomo is projecting in the middle of the Ago Bay, a great view point that is surrounded by the beautiful Rias. "Resort Park Tomoyama" is a BIG resort that spreads over such beautiful natural terrain.

  • Fresh green brilliant trees, sparkling light in the shining sea, a private beach with a mood that is dyed yang · · ·.

    On the site of 50 thousand tsubo, accommodation facilities such as a Japanese style hotel main building and cottage type resort inn are various.Putter golf, swimming pool, private beach, etc. Choose your way from fulfilling leisure and enjoy your "Toyama".
  • And to heal the tiredness of your trip, refresh yourself to your heart's content at the large public bath with a view of the Mitomo-no-yu Mitomonoyu"!

    Please enjoy the trees of the fresh forests in the morning and the scenery stained with madder color at dusk relaxingly.Mitomo-no-yu is a simple alkaline spring. Not only will your skin become beautiful, but it will warm from the core of your body.Please heal the tired body for a long trip.

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8:00 to 22:00FAX:0599-72-2734(24H)