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  • My hometown of mind, Ise Jingu

    Shrine in Ise City, Mie prefecture.Kotaijingu consists of the Kotaijingu (Naiku (inner shrine) and Toyouke taijingu Geku Shrine. The official name is Shinto shrine.It was deemed to transcend the company as the best existence to perform the Imperial Festival.
    It consists of the grand Palace and the Naiku, and the Senko-no-mori and the Isuzu River of the Isuzu River give relief to visitors.
    (About 50 minutes by car from the hotel)
  • Evening scenery of tomoyama observatory

    The view from the observation deck at the best view point just surrounded by a Mt Tomo beautiful ria which projects in the middle of the Ago Bay is truly breathtaking.

    (About 3 minutes by car from the hotel)
  • Overlooking the Shinju-no-Umi, Yokoyama Observatory

    Just as the intricate terrain of the rias style coast gets in your hands.Please enjoy the sea and green drawing pattern.
    An Ago Bay spreading under the eyes is one of the three largest Rias style coasts in Japan, just like a box garden.
    There are also hiking course, so you can enjoy a variety of flowers and wonderful views every season.

    (15 minutes by car)
  • Drama created by the wave, Daio Saki

    The white lighthouse and cobblestone slope are often used for painting motifs, but it is brilliant.
    It is magnificent scenery so that the Pacific expands in front of you and forget the time.On the road to the lighthouse, souvenir shops such as dried fish and mother-of-pearl products will keep the eaves and stop their feet.
    (Because the dried fish are being sold while hanging, you can enjoy such scenery as well)

    (5 minutes by car)
  • Daio Saki Lighthouse

    The spectacular sea panorama which climbs the watchhouse of the lighthouse (fee) and is overlooked is fascinated to be inhaled.
    This moment that only the sound of the wind, the sound of the waves can be heard is a different world that can be experienced only by the person who went.
    Walk on the stone pavement slope along which the fish, san, pearl and others dried aiming at the white lighthouse.
    Big tourists brought in with cameras and paints from old days The lighthouse of this great Daio Saki is a beautiful picture that can be seen anywhere.
  • Shima Spain Village Parque Espana

    Please enjoy the Spanish style vacation to your heart's content with fun characters such as Don Quijote and Sancho Panza.
    The most popular Pyrenees have a maximum speed of 100 km! If you want to experience a more screaming feeling, let 's keep the far left side of the front row.The feeling being swayed is also GOOD!
    (15 minutes by car)
  • Seaside Golf course

    A nice shot at a beautiful golf course where comedy is comfortable.

  • Tomoyama Enchi Park

    Play and play with a ball in the spacious lawn park of Tomoyama Enchi Park···
    Let's play around without thinking carelessly
  • Souvenirs and fish dried fish

    Even though it is cheap, there are lots of amounts.Even if such a shop would be nearby, everyone who came to the sight from the city and urban society were spoken to each other.
    I want that too, I want this one too, and I do not get lost as "Which one do you want to buy?", It is hard to narrow down which one to buy.
    "If you think about buying it as a souvenir for both people and this person, it takes more time to shop.
    Nakiri Fishing Port it is a fresh fish that rose at a Nakiri Fishing Port, the taste is something to say.It is perfect as a barbecue ingredient at our cottage with terrace.