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Accommodation Features·Facility

A garden of 50 thousand pyeong

A large resort spreading over 50 thousand pyeong is a private zone that expresses your trip!

  • Daio Town is known as a “Ekaki no machi” due to the streets of Ishizaka and the nostalgic scene of the lighthouse.
    In particular, Mt Tomo is projecting in the middle of the Ago Bay, a great view point that is surrounded by the beautiful Rias.
    "Resort Park Tomoyama" is a BIG resort that spreads over such beautiful natural terrain.
    Fresh green vivid trees, sparkling light in the light, beach with mood that stains in the sunset ....
    The 50,000 tsubo site has a variety of accommodations, including a Japanese-style hotel main building, a cottage-type resort inn, and pet-friendly cottages.

    Enjoy Toyama in your own way by choosing from a variety of leisure activities such as putter golf, tennis courts, and a private beach.
    And to heal the tiredness of your trip, let's refresh to your heart's content at the large public bath with a view of the Mitomo-no-yu Mitomonoyu"!

Seaside Restaurants

  • The restaurant on the poolside is southern country mood full mark.
    Ise Shima's seafood to meat will be full. 
  • Seafood barbecue can be enjoyed at the mood-full seaside restaurant.

Natural Hot Springs

The hotel's natural hot Nansei Sakurayama Onsen is using Nansei Sakurayama Onsen

  • Natural hot spring surrounded by forests · Observation large public bath.
    Please enjoy relaxingly the forest trees in the daytime and the magnificent scenery dyed in red and dark blue at dusk.Mitomo-no-yu is a simple alkaline spring.
    Not only will your skin become beautiful, but it will warm from the core of your body.
    Please heal the tired body for a long trip.After watching the wonderful sunset and twilight in the winter, after seeing the starry sky, the body warms from the core, it is a nice hot spring.

    【Nansei Sakurayama Onsen place】
    The location of Nansei Sakurayama Onsen is in Konsa, Minamiise Town.
    From the prefectural highway No. 16 we get a steep mountain path in about 15 minutes, but you can see the top of Sakurayama on the way.
    In spring the best mountain scenery can be seen with cherry blossoms in full bloom.Why do not you all visit again.
  • 【Opening Hours】15:00 to 23:00,From 6:00 to 9:30
    【Fountain, quality】Alkaline simple hot spring
    【Fountain, Warm】38.2 degrees
    【Amount of withdrawal】200 st / min(Submersible pump type)
    【PH value】8.6
    【Bath indication】Neuralgia, muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen, Motor paralysis, Joint stiffness outfit, Awkward, Coldness, Chronic gastrointestinal disease, Hemorrhoid, Recovery period after illness, Recovery from fatigue, Health Promotion

Big party

  • A large banquet hall with a capacity of 200 people.
    Good luck with a projector with a screening (screen free), good live circle, good compilation, practice of a cappella.
    Please enjoy a trip remaining in memories of memories such as year-end party, new year party, company comfort trip and so on.
  • dance hall

     327 square meter dance hall

Other facilities

  • Dog run

    Dog run to play with Wanchan!
    Open 24 hours.I'm happy free.