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Overnight Stay Plan

  • Hotel main building recommended plan

    ~For those who like Japanese atmosphere~
    The main rooms are on the 4th and 5th floor with 18 square meters of Japanese-style room with full bath toilet.

    ※However, Room 510 and Room 410 are Japanese style 14 square meters plus Japanese room 10 Continue reading
    Room rate
    From 11,814 yen to 18,510 yen
  • Standard Cottage Resort Inn Plan

    ~Relaxing space perfect for families and groups~
    Located on the elevated west side of the hotel, this "Resort · Inn" brought to walk around the site of 50,000 tsubo.

    There are 16 rooms with capacity of 7 people in all.All rooms are equipped witContinue reading
    Room rate
    13,110 yen to 19,590 yen
  • Suite cottage Recommendation plan

    ~All rooms have ocean view! Best location~
    A co-located cottage located on the vast site of the site closer to the sea.

    Birthday type is the most popular cottage.
    The layout is spacious 27 sq.m. living room + tatami room 18 sq m + bets room.TheContinue reading
    Room rate
    19,590 yen to 26,070 yen
  • Pet Standard Recommended plan

    ~Pet only! Independent cottage with a sense of a cottage~
    Missing alone in my beloved pet ...
    It is this plan that we can accommodate to customers' voices and can stay in cottages with pets.
    A single-family cottage where you can spend your vacatContinue reading
    Room rate
    From 15,270 yen to 19,914 yen
  • Pet Villa Suite Recommendation plan

    ~Pet only! Pet Villa Suite Cottage in a Villa Sense~
    The rooms are spacious 27 sq.m. living room + Japanese room 18 sq m + plus bedroom, sweet cottage with a nice view of the sea available.You can use up to 7 people comfortably.
    Also, the dog ruContinue reading
    Room rate
    20,670 yen to 27,150 yen
  • Pet Suite Recommendation plan

    ~Pet only! Sweet cottage in a villa sense~
    Guest rooms are extravagant arrangements of Japanese room 14 square meters + 10 square meters + twin rooms + living room 18 square meters so you can relax leisurely with your pet.
    Moreover, the view froContinue reading
    Room rate
    From 21,750 yen to 28,230 yen
  • Limited to 1 Group per Day, Pet cottage with outdoor bath

    ~A spectacular view from the private outdoor bath to you~
    Ago Bay glass-enclosed living room overlooking the Ago Bay

    Luxury to spend relaxing at the villa mood ...32 m² living room, 10 m² Japanese style room × 2, Bedroom twin.Deluxe suite cottaContinue reading
  • Limited to 1 Group per Day, Kaikatei

    Suggestions for a little luxurious trip.
    A chef with exquisite hospitality for only one pair per day · Accommodation with a spectacular outdoor bath.

    Kaikatei of Kaikatei will appreciate the freshest seafood just raised on that day.
    The chef exContinue reading
    Room rate
    32,550 yen to 54,150 yen (It varies according to the number of people)
  • Weekday Limited Group Special plan

    Minamishima specialties and check-out plan from the sea
    Check out at Shinju-no-Umi of Shinju-no-Umi
    Visit Ago Bay from the hotel pier and go to Kashikojima
    It is a great deals plan can not be experienced at other hotels · inns.

    ※Reservation of Continue reading