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Number of rooms

47 rooms in total:20 Japanese-style rooms/27 Japanese-style + Western-style rooms

Room supplement

Hotel main building is Japanese style.Cottages have various types.

Standard room facilities

All rooms Bathroom / All rooms Air conditioning / Television / Empty refrigerator


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / yukata robe / comb·brush

Facility content

tennis(Toll)/Outdoor pool(Guest free)/banquet hall/

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Golf(Toll)/Putter Golf(Toll)/Bicycle rental(Toll)/Mahjong(Toll)

Credit cards available locally

VISA / MasterCard / JCB /
※It may differ from the credit card available for online card payment.

Standard check-in time


Standard checkout time